These rules and regulations are established for our mutual safety, protections, 
comfort,  and camping enjoyment.  We please ask for your full cooperation.


Register upon arrival.  Check in and out time is 3:00 P.M. - Please notify the office when vacating a site or if you wish to extend your stay.  All guests must renew their sites before 12 noon.  Management reserves the right to limit your stay on the campground.  Guests and visitors must register at the office.  $5.00 per car.  Do not move from one site to another without office approval.  11:00 P.M. through 7:00 A.M. are reserved for quite hours.  ONLY ONE FAMILY PER SITE.                                                        
**Please notify the office upon arrival if you are traveling with a boat.  (No pontoons are allowed.)


Speed limit throughout the park is 10 MPH and is strictly enforced.  Only holders of a valid drivers license are allowed to operate motor vehicles in the park.  All vehicles must be muffled and driven in a safe manner and in authorized areas.  One family - two vehicles per site.  No mini-bikes or motorcycles to be ridden in campground area.  Washing cars and trailers is not allowed in the campground.


We welcome your pets as members of your family.  As such, they are your responsibility and all droppings must be picked up.  All pets must be on a leash not to exceed 6 ft long. One dog per campsite - not to exceed 40lbs.  No pets are allowed on the beach.  


Parents are responsible for the safety and the actions of their children.  An adult must supervise children at the restrooms.  Swimming is at your own risk - no lifeguard is furnished.  No ground fires are permitted.  A camp fire site is provided - check with the office.  Should an accident occur, please report immediately to the office.  No firearms or fireworks are permitted - (State Law)  For all our safety, no smoking in restrooms.  To conserve energy, please limit showers to 3 minutes.


Wrap all garbage for disposal and put into the trash containers provided.  Recreational equipment must be signed in and out at the office and lost or damaged equipment must be paid for.  Do not move tables from one site to another without office permission.  Any facilities not working properly should be reported to the office.  For your convenience the Laundry with be open 9:00 A.M. - 10:00 P.M.  Children are asked not to play or linger in or around the Laundry Room.


The cost of electricity has gone up extensively in our area.  For this reason, we are asking your help in discouraging the use of electric appliances instead of gas.  We try to keep our rates low, but if people take advantage we may have to consider a revision.

Little Switzerland Resort was designed and built to give you the finest and cleanest campground with reasonable rates.  In order to maintain the above policy, we ask that you treat our grounds and equipment with the same care you would give your own property.  This will ensure a pleasant stay for you and all campers.

                                                                                                   Rick & Marcia Hoffman

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